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  • All prices are excl. VAT, although total prices are shown incl. VAT upon order completion.
  • Subject to price changes, expired goods and failure from third-party delivery.

Shipping and Handling

  • We use several well known shipping companies around the world. Unless specific instructions are included with your order, all items are shipped at your own risk.

Delivery Schedule

  • We deliver your order right away if in stock. We normally send your order within 3-4 business days for delivery the next coming week within Europe. Request time of delivery for orders overseas.

Back Orders

  • If the item is not in stock, we will back order for you. You will always be notified with the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait.

Tax Charges

  • Unless valid VAT number is supplied with the order, 25% VAT is added to the order.


  • By receipt of damaged products, the forwarder and Chiroform shall be notified immediately.
  • By recepit of wrong deliveries, Chiroform shall be notified immediately.
  • Chiroform will inform the customer about a RAN number which must be mentioned in the documentation, and follow the product by return.
  • Return of goods is accepted only after prior agreement with Chiroform. If not, the shipment will be rejected at the buyer's own expense.
  • The buyer is liable for the goods to be returned in original packing, packed properly, unused, and in the same condition as at reception. Otherwise, the buyer is required to pay remediation costs according to the bill or current list price.
  • A specially manufactured product, including private label or specially ordered items, can't be returned. 
  • All return of goods should be sent to our warehouse:

      Chiroform Ltd.
      Mariendalsvej 22
      8800  Viborg


  • We guarantee your satisfaction. All our products come with a minimum of one (1) year warranty from date of purchase.

Terms of payment

  • Pre-payment via bank transfer or credit card + 5%, if not other arrangement has been made.