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Chiroform is specialized in first class seminars and education, with well known professors, doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists from all over the world.

Recommendation from one of the big ones within the industry, Dr. Lindsay Rowe from Austrailia:

Thanks Jan. I appreciate all that you do. In all my dealings world wide I have found you and your employees the best! I imagine in the current financial climate is must not be easy conducting your business so I appreciate what you are trying to do for this profession. I hope one day you can find your way to our shores so we can reciprocate your hospitality!
Cheers Lindsay

The Pre-Natal and Pediatric Adjustor Seminar

Dr. Claudia Anrig

DATE: 29/5 og 30/5 2021.
VENUE: Hotel Kong Arthur, Copenhagen/Denmark. 
Only available for Chiropractors, Staff and Chiropractic students. 
8 hours dual program and limited to 35 seats per day only!

Dr. Claudia Anrig is in practice full-time for over 35 years and is the found of the first pediatric program that introduced the concept of family wellness through chiropractic. She also personally mentors chiropractors with a dream of growing their family practice in the Generations coaching program. Her First Adjustment seminara are offered four times a year and provide 12-hours of CE apporvable education for the Family Wellness Chiropractor. She is the past president of the International Chiropractic Association and the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. Dr. Anrigs textbook, Pediatric Chiropractic, is the first of its kind and is the fastest selling textbook in chiropractic history. The highly anticipated Second Edition was published in late 2012.

Hear why this seminar is a "must attend" in down below video from Dr. Claudia Anrig.

 The Pre-Natal and Pediatric Adjustor Seminar Program

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