Chiroform har specialiseret sig som arrangør af første klasses kurser og seminarer, med anerkendte professorer, læger, kiropraktorer og fysioterapeuter fra hele verden.

Anbefaling fra en af branchens største foredragsholdere, Dr. Lindsay Rowe fra Australien:

Thanks Jan. I appreciate all that you do. In all my dealings world wide I have found you and your employees the best! I imagine in the current financial climate is must not be easy conducting your business so I appreciate what you are trying to do for this profession. I hope one day you can find your way to our shores so we can reciprocate your hospitality!
Cheers Lindsay

Nedenfor vil du kunne se de næstkommende seminarer og kurser

The Shoulder Seminar

by Dr. Thomas Souza

DATE: 22-23/9 2018.

LIMITED TO 40 seats only.

Brief workshop/seminar description

The Shoulder

This seminar will provide a wide-range of case presentations and approaches to their diagnosis and management.  Focus will be on functional evaluation of the shoulder girdle and its relationship to manipulation, exercise, and myofascial approaches utilizing a 3D perspective.

Hour 1:  What do we know about shoulder pain?  Profiling your patient.
Hour 2:  Acute Presentations (non-traumatic) – What do I do with this patient?
Hour 3:  Acute Presentations (traumatic) – What do I do with this patient?
Hour 4:  What history and test clusters provide me the most information? The power of 3.
Hour 5:  The positional examination of the shoulder.
Hour 6:  Common myths and mistakes
Hour 7:  Time to practice: the 10-Minute Shoulder Exam
Hour 8:  Putting it all together: How exam findings indicate both the diagnosis and the management.
Hour 9: Manipulation and mobilization approaches
Hour 10: Exercise:  What does the literature say?
Hour 11: Taping and its integration into management.
Hour 12: A general approach to prevention of shoulder pain

 The Shoulder Seminar by Dr. Thomas Souza